Do you want to be efficient in re solution of your problems?

I will accompany you to make the best decisions through Coaching and Mediation.

Do you want to be efficient in the resolution of your problems?

I will accompany you to make the best decisions through Coaching and Mediation.

ICF Certified Coach
Mediator and Legal Advisor
in Spain and Russia
6 working languages

Mediation online during COVID-19

Fast track to resolve your conflict

Your Mediator and NLP Coach in Barcelona


Resolution of conflicts between companies in several languages. It is an effective response to a complex situation that will allow you optimize your time, money and control legal and business risks.

Coaching with NLP

I will accompany you in your personal transformation so that you regain your personal power, reorient your life andfeel good. I will offer you practical and highly effective tools.


Services focused on companies and business schools for increase efficiency and performance. I will help you create the connection between people and align values ​​and goals.

How can I help you as a Mediator?

Parties speak different languages

You’re abroad and a situation arises to be resolved with someone. The other side speaks another language and it is difficult to set a dialogue.

Multidisciplinary Conflict

In complex situations it is necessary to analyze different aspects thereof and use differents tools that go beyond the legal ones.

You are an individual and you live in Spain

Your partner is from the other country and you need to resolve issues related to divorce, division of property, child custody, succession or inheritance.

You are a company or you have business in Spain

Resolution of disputes with customers or suppliers (Commercial disputes), reconciliation between departments (internal disputes).

How can I help you as NLP Coach?

Changing habits

NLP works very well to change habits – the automatic behaviors that we reproduce day after day without thinking and in some cases harm us.

Overcoming stress or conflict situations

I accompany you to improve your capacity for emotional management of complex situations. To rebuild your relationships, to solve the situations that overcome you and to have serenity in your day to day.

Improving communication

How you talk to yourself determines your well-being. How you talk to others determines the quality of your relationships. Your ability to relate and communicate to a large extent determines your professional and vital success.

My clients say

Vica is a coach of high degree of preparation, dedication and above all with a high human quality. She helped me to activate my potential, overcome fears and advance in my life.

Juan Carlos Velez

Exceptional TRAINER. Vica made a magnificent session at the IE (Instituto de Empresa) in Madrid on Motivation Tools in which she shared interesting techniques and her passion of helping people.

Marta Olba

Great professional and communicator. One of the things I liked most about the Communication workshop given at Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB) is her ability to explain things in a simple and clear way and to make the workshop very practical. She gave me very useful tools to improve my communication.

Monica Ruiz
Lawyer and Mediator