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What is Coaching?

The goal of coaching is to improve the quality of life of people.

It is an accompaniment with the objective that people obtain tangible and rapid growth results. It is a structured conversation between the client and the coach, where the client sets the priorities and the coach, through the language and techniques of neurolinguistic programming, helps them to improve their focus and achieve their goals, either personal or professional.

Coaching Benefits

When will you start to live better?

Types of Coaching

Executive Coaching

It gives quick results in short period of time through the effective “change techniques” and the commitment of the client

Personal Coaching

It gives you another angle of vision to the problem, helps you to understand your own weaknesses and strengths and to take necessary steps.

How does Coaching works?

  • We will identify our priorities.
  • You obtain awareness of your limitations.
  • I will guide you to design specific actions to help you to achieve what you want.

I use NLP tecniques techniques to disable unconscious automatisms that harm you (emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, fears, behaviors and unfavorable habits) and to help you to get rid of limitations and blocks.

Coaching process

During the first session I will propose you an estimation of the number of sessions. It will depend on the personality of each client, your circumstances and the magnitude of the objective.

  • Session duration: approximately 1 – 1´15 h
  • Average process: 4-6 sessions.
  • Standard frequency: 2-3 sessions per month.
  • Format: individual sessions (in-person or videoconference)

I offer my clients the possibility to contact me additionally by email as support during the process.

Do you want to become the best version of you?

ICF Certified Coach

International Coach Federation

Master in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)

Society of NLP of Richard Bandler