Do you want to change your habits?

NLP and the human beings

What are humans? A pile of habits and automatisms, 95% of which are unconscious.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a communication model that helps to identify automatic undesirable internal processes and to «reprogramme» your mind using the lenguage, that serves as the tool that records your life experience within theneurological system.

This “subjective memory structure” in the brain sustains your daily thinking, feeling and acting (3 pillars of any human being). By changing this “memory structure” in the most beneficial way for you, you will change perception of your reality and will change your emotions .

The NLP offers techniques for overcoming limitations, generating positive internal states, increasing self-confidence, unlocking emotional blocks, changing habits, communicating effectively, healing phobias, improving relationships, and eliminating limiting beliefs.

It is a method that offers a healthy and positive way to communicate with the environment and with yourself.

Who can benefit from PNL?

NLP is useful for anyone who wants to change behaviors that don’t favour you.

What is the NLP for?

Public speaking

A lot of people feel uncomfortable speaking in public. The technique I use will work for you whether you need to talk in meetings or to make conferences.

Improving self-confidence

The techniques I use are aimed at abandoning the automatic negative behavior of constant self-monitoring and self-criticism and toallow you to feel worthy and free.

Overcoming stress or conflict

The goal of these techniques is to calm your mind and to relieve your emotional discomfort and allow you to see things from a different perspective.


There are several very effective techniques to dissociate the phobic element of your sensorial perception of the situation. You will feel better and think greater of yourself in few sessions.

80% success between 2 and 4 sessions

Other common objectives

  • Management of crises and traumas.
  • Changing habits: to quit smoking, to stop overeating, motivation to do sports.
  • Gain security and self-confidence.
  • Increase focus and concentration.
  • Overcome fear to speak in public.
  • Overcoming phobias: fear of flying, fear of heights, animals, etc.

NLP techniques offer a very effective solutionz to these problems.

How does NLP works?

  • Access to the perception in your mind of how you remember the experience.
  • Identification of the negative automatic response.
  • A new positive automatic response pattern is installed.

That easy?

Any behavior that doesn’t favor you is nothing more than an automatic response from your body . If one day you’ve been able to program yourself in a negative way, you can“reprogramme” your body in a positive way so you will not have this habit again.

Important to keep in mind

NLP is not magic. It is necessary that the client has:

  • The will to give up the habit.
  • The commitment to the routine I’ll offer you.

What impedes you to feel better today?

What can you expect from my NLP sessions?

  • Session duration: approximately 1 hour.
  • Average process: 2-4 sessions.
  • Standard frequency: 2-3 sessiones per month.
  • Format: individual sessions (in person or videoconference).

I always offer my clients the possibility to contact me additionally by email as support during the process.

Do you want to feel better?

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