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Train your team with Coaching and NLP

In the era of 4th technological revolution, with the virtiginous speed of change, continuous training it is no longer an option, but an obligation imposed by the “liquid life.” Knowing that artificial intelligence, blockchain and smart contracts are changing the model of business, humans we are pushed to compete with machines. What we can do is to be very prepared (at the hard skills level) and extremely flexible (at soft skills level).

To adapt to the constantly changing environment, it is necessary to train the habit of FLEXIBILITY, ADAPTABILITY AND NEUROPLASTICITY, the opposite of rigidity, which, curiously, is nothing more than a “habit” that can be changed.

Components of success: Talent and Flexibility

Training for Teams

My training is very practical and adjustable to the needs of the client. Some examples:


People are increasingly value soft skills that are very useful for their career:

To succeed you have two options: learn or learn

What my trinings are like?

Practical approach

The training is done in the workshop format with many group dynamics. This way people can apply the learned skills immediately.

8-hour format

Several dynamics will be practiced that allows automation of competencies.

4-hour format

It allows you to learn the key points to the class and practice them immediately.

With Coaching and NLP

These disciplines are highly effective for Communication, Negotiation, Sales and interpersonal relationships.

Who are my clients?


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