Ricard Fontanelles - English Teacher

Vica is a vocational professional who inspires you. Thanks to the passion it conveys and her exceptional work, I have managed to generate a motivation that allows me to achieve what I propose

Idoia Beraza - Biomedical Engineer

Vica helped me to understand myself better. To take responsibility of my acts, my life and decisions. Having sessions with her was a huge advance in my personal growth. Thank you very much

India Bahri - Naturopathe

I hearly recommend the services of Vica. Vica is an extremely intelligent coach, sensible and having a strong intuition. She will listen to you without judgement. She will guide you towards your best version.

Juan Carlos Vélez - Entrepreneur

Vica is a coach of high degree of preparation, dedication and above all with a high human quality. She helped me to activate my potential, overcome fears and advance in my life.

Alba Quinquill Capdevila - Catalan Radio Producer

Session with Vica are intense and very respectful. With his words he guides you to understand what your limitations are and gives you tools to overcome them and be closer, thus, to yourself.

Roberto Torreggiani - Sales Manager

Vica does her job with dedication, you can see she loves what she does. His sessions are always very intense and deep. Eventually you return home thinking and ripping to his questions and answers that are hidden inside you.

Alex Pairo - Traumatologist

The coaching sessions with Vica are intense, it accompanies you to know your inner world in a subtle way and with respect to get to know the duality of the mind in order to come to understand, accept you and get the best out of you.

Marina - University Professor

Victoria combines confidence and intuition. She will attentively listen to you with the open heart. She will help to establish the correct life goals and determine the optimal path to move towards them.

Diana Wong - Coach and Thetahealer

The coaching sessions with NLP with Vica are being very enriching since they open up a range of possibilities and give me clarity. I'm having the opportunity to get to know myself better, to have a space to listen to me and realize what I really need. It's helping me focus on my goals and achieve them faster. With NLP techniques, he's helped me to get unblocked and take away my limits I internally put on myself. Thank you very much Vica!!!!

Lluna Gay Rodríguez - Actress

I started working with Vica on the recommendation of my therapist. Your sessions have helped me to demystify ways of life or even desires. Your questions confused me, but it was that confusion that later helped me see some things more clearly. It spreads its motivation for life and know how to live better and more faithful to your needs, more faithful to your dreams, to be true to yourself. Highly recommended coach!

Maria Ciuca - Mediator and Social Educator

Vica, in the sessions we did I have felt well received, with a safe space and accompanying me so that I can explore and find my way. Thank you!

Salvador Fernandez - Photographer

An enriching experience was a therapeutic session with coach Vica. By opening my eyes and making me ask that I had never done. Highly recommended!!!