My clients say...

Vica is a vocational professional who inspires you. Thanks to the passion she conveys and her exceptional work, I managed to find my motivation that pushes me to achieve what I want.

Ricard Fontanelles
English teacher

Vica has helped me to understand myself better and grow. Also to take responsibility for my actions, my life and my decisions. It's been a breakthrough in my personal growth. I am very grateful to her for it!

Idoia Beraza
Biomedical Engineer

I highly recommend Vica's services. She is an extremely intelligent coach, sensitive and endowed with a strong intuition. She will guide you to a better version of yourself.

India Bahri

Vica is a coach of high degree of preparation, dedication and on the top of that a big hearted person. She helped me to activate my potential, to overcome my fears and advance in life.

Juan Carlos Vélez

Sessions with Vica have been intense and respectful. With her words and the way she is, she helps you to understand what your limitations are and gives you the tools to overcome them and to be closer to yourself.

Alba Quinquilla Capdevila
Radio Producer

Coaching sessions with Vica were intense, she accompanies you to understand your inner world in a subtle and respectful way to embrace the duality of the mind and comprehend, accept you and make the best out of you.

Alex Pairo
Surgeon Traumatologist

I started sessions with Vica upon the recommendation of my therapist. Her sessions helped me demystify ways of life or even desires. Your questions confused me, but it was that confusion that has then helped me to see things with more clarity. She traspasses you her passion for life and the know-how to live better and be more faithful to your needs, more loyal to your dreams and how to be true to yourself.

Lluna Gay Rodriguez

Coaching sessions with NLP with Vica were very enriching since they open up a range of possibilities and give me clarity. I had a chance to get to know myself better, to have a space to listen to me and realize what I really need. She helped me to focus on my goals and achieve them faster. NLP techniques helped me to unlock myself and advance in life. Thank you very much Vica!!!!

Diana Wong
Coach and Thetahealer

Vica is a serious and prepared coach. She does her work with dedication and passion, I feel that she loves what she does. Her sessions are intense and deep. After the sessions you keep on thinking and answering her questions again and again and you get surprised at the answers born inside you.

Roberto Torreggiani
Sales Director Spain

During the sessions with Vica I felt welcomed, she created a safe space and accompanied me so that I could explore and find my way. Thank you!

Maria Ciuca
Mediator and Social Educator

Vica transmits security of the one who knows and intuition of the one who feels. She will help you set goals that are important to you and she will accompany you to find the optimal path to move towards them.

Marina A.
University Professor

Coaching with Vica has been an enriching and therapeutic experience for me. He made me open my eyes and pose myself questions I have never made before. Highly recommended!!!

Salvador Fernandez

Exceptional PROFESSOR. She gave a magnificent wordshop at the IS (Instituto de Empresa) in Madrid on the MOTIVATION Tools where she shared useful techniques and her passion.

Marta Olba

Great professional and communicator. One of the things I liked most about the Communication workshop given at Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB) is her ability to explain things in a simple and clear way and to make the workshop very practical. She gave me very useful tools to improve my communication skills.

Monica Ruiz
Lawyer and Mediator

A very professional coach, Vica helped me with some techniques to prepare for the exams, has made me feel good due to her charismatic and very human personality, she helped me get access to the strength that I had inside.

Carlos Chalco
PhD Student

As a coach Vica helped me put focus and prioritize what's important in my business. As a result of her sessions I got a broader view of how to run my business and how to manage my company more efficiently. In few sessions I have managed to organize myself better and have better economic results. I am very satisfied with her services and I recommend her as an executive coach to any company.


Few people surprise me and Vica did. Her professionalism is evident, she is a self-confident woman who attracts your attention from the first moment. Coupled with their honesty and warmness, she makes you feel very comfortable. On the top of that, the way he reasons and talks to you, creates in you expectation and emotion. It's a pleasure to having met her. I definitely recommend her to everyone.

Pilar Andujar

With Vica the understanding came from the first minute, communication has been easy and fluid. She is a passionate professional who helps you to detect your needs and leads you to find the right path in an easy, fast and humane way. I highly recommend Vica and her coaching sessions.

Svetlana Kirillova

Vica is a person who connects with you from minute 1. Great professional, she has many resources to help you find the most suitable solution for yourself. She is always available to resolve any doubt or to help you whenever you have moments of chaos or doubt throughout the process. She is very close, human and with a lot of positive energy that transmits you calm at all times. For me it has been very positive to meet Vica to whom I am enormously grateful for my evolution. I highly recommended her as a coach.

Lidia A.

I attended Vica´s Fusion Workshop on Time Management focused on the personal growth combined with tips how to take care of your health in an optimal way. I found the workshop a very dynamic and useful, thanks to the Vica I learned strategies to manage my time efficiently, both in the professional field and during my free time. I'm one of those who never find time to go to the gym and my stress at work was growing day by day. Vica made me see how "procrastination" functions and how the internal mechanisms of my mind stops me from "acting" (resistance to change, search for immediate gratification, etc.) She gave us practical tools that I now apply on the daily basis. Highly recommended!

Neus Milan
Open University of Catalonia (UOC)

I found Vica before making an important decision in the professional field. Vica helped me deal with doubts and fears using various techniques and practices that helped me to overcome my limits. We were always in touch, anytime when I needed her support and help. Our communication has always been easy and confidential, and the atmosphere in the sessions was pleasant and welcoming, even despite the distance between us and the online environment.

Polina Zagorski
Marketing Specialist

In the first place Vica is a great person, she transmits trust and closeness from the moment you meet her. She's a great communicator. I liked her workshop on NLP Tecnics for Communication that she gave to a group of lawyers at the Bar Association of Barcelona.

Alicia Sanchez
Lawyer and Mediator

Vica helped me focus on my work goals that gave me the security and clarity to be able to successfully reach them. I find her way of doing executive coaching very practical, effective and with heart. I recommend her as an excellent professional and person.

David Manzano
Executive and Ironman

Vica Nazarenko is a great professional, great communicator, but above all, she gives you peace and trust. I am very satisfied with the workshop she taught at the Bar Association of Barcelona on NLP Tools for Communication .

Evelyn Galván Fantova
Lawyer and Mediator

The workshop Vica has taught at the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB) on NLP Tools for Communication has been very useful to me and I consider her a very good communicator and professor. Thank you for all Vica!

Silvia Abello
Lawyer and Arbitrator

I assisted Vica´s workshop about How to Overcome Fears, Blockages and get out of my comfort zone. She gave me a lot of handy tools that are super useful to me ever since. She is a highly recommended professional. Thank you!

Jaume Llinares