My Story

I´m Vica Nazarenko

Law graduate, for many years I have been working as a lawyer and sales manager. At a certain point my life has changed and I have decided to dedicate myself to people to help them decode the complex situations that human beings live every day through:

MEDIATION: as an meeting point with the human in others.

COACHING: the meeting point with the human of oneself.

I love these tools, I see that I am improving the quality of life of my clients and that makes me feel incredibly good.

I love to speak in foreign languages and I can help you in


My goal

Help people to resolve conflicts through Coaching with NLP and Mediation.

My Method

As aMEDIATOR, I accompany people and companies that speak different languages, so that they find the best solutions to their discrepancies and conflict situations with others, through dialogue and positive communication.

As aNLP COACH, I accompany you on your way to understand how you think and interact with the world, so that you can learn to accept and express yourself effectively. My job is to accompany, motivate and push you in the process of transformation into the best version of yourself and connecting with your inner strength in order to make your own decisions and live with joy.

I fully trust that all the necessary resources are within you and by going to mediation or coaching, you can access them and achieve everything you propose.

My values

It's never too late to write a new story of your life.


My education

Education as NLP coach

International Course of Master in Coaching

(EFIC, School of Integral Education in Coaching)

Master in PNL

(Institute of Anna Flores & Neuron)

Certified ACC Coach

(Internacional Coaching Federation)

Generative Coaching

(Stephen Gilligan)

As Mediator and Lawyer

Graduated in Law

(University of St. Petersburg)

ADE Business Administration and Management

(University of St. Petersburg)

LLM Master in European Law

(University of Amsterdam)

Recognition of the law of degree in Spain


Postgraduate degree in Environmental Law

(University of Barcelona)

Postgraduate degree in Commercial and Tax Law

(University of Barcelona)

Master's Degree in Mediation and alternative methods of dispute resolution

(ICAB, Barcelona Bar Association)

My experience

In Mediation

Commercial disputes between SMEs.
Conflicts between foreign companies operating in Spain
Assisted negotiation between parties that speak different languages (simultaneous translation)

In Coaching

Achievement of goals
Leadership and assertive communication
Emotion Management
Improvement of self-confidence
Changing habits
Stress Management

In Training

Increase of sales with NLP tecniques
Coaching and NLP tools for mediators
Time Management and Efficiency
Persuasive communication
Flexibility, the "soft skill" most valued by the companies

My working languages

My credentials

Graduated in Law
ADE - Business Administration and Management

University of St. Petersburg (Russia)

LLM Master in European Law

University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Law Degree (Spain)
Postgraduate degree in Commercial Law

University of Barcelona (Spain)

Master's Degree in Mediation

Barcelona Bar Association (Spain)

Accredited Mediator

Mediation Center of the Generalitat of Catalunya

Accredited Mediator

ACDMA Mediator Association

Generative Trance

Stephen Gilligan

Certified Coach

International Coach Federation

Master in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)

Society of NLP of Richard Bandler