Online Mediation

Fast track to resolve conflicts

If you are in one of these situations

  • Breach of contract (rebus sic stantibus)
  • Non-payment of rent
  • Family conflict
  • Business conflict
  • Necessity to reach a total or partial agreement

What you want is

  • Avoid negotiating directly
  • Resolve your conflict without leaving home
  • Quick resolution (in few sessions)
  • Economic savings
  • Professional service of an impartial mediator
Alternative and functional justice
in the times of Covid-19

Mediation is for you

Mediation is a VERY EFFECTIVE METHOD of conflict resolution being an alternative to going to court. The big difference with the judicial process lies in the following:

  • You have the power to decision. Instead of leaving the settlement of your case in the hands of the judge, you’ll solve it yourself in conjunction with the other party.
  • Quick resolution.
  • Significant economic savings.
  • You can anticipate and control business and legal risks.

f you want to go to mediation, it means that you have decided to be the LEADER OF THE SOLUTION OF YOUR PROBLEMS, responsible for your actions and you want to enter the dialogue route.

The alternative of not mediating will be to wait for the opening of the courts and have a lot of patience for years waiting for the resolution, without knowing if it will be favorable or unfavorable for you. This way frees you from the responsibility of making decisions but it does not give you the solution of the current problem and even less the solution you want.

It is an ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENTIAL PROCESS, which adapts to people’s needs, and is regulated in Spain by Law 5/2012.

Free first session

Faced with this situation of blockage of the judicial system due to Covid-19, I offer you the possibility of resolving your conflict through mediation quickly, definitively and avoiding delays.

The sessions will be carried out through videoconference with the same guarantees of PRIVACY and LEGALITY as during the face-to-face sessions.

The first session will be completely free for you to have full control and decision-making power of whether you want to continue the process. At the end of the session the fees will be agreed in case you want to continue with the process.

If you don´t want to waste your time and energy

Book online mediation by filling out this form and in 24 hours I will contact you.

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